different uses for dynaproof

Waterproofing canvas items with Dynaproof is essential for their longevity and functionality, especially when they’re exposed to the elements. Here are 10 of the most common canvas items that people often waterproof:

  1. Camper Trailers and Bell Tents: For campers, a waterproof tent is crucial to stay dry during rainy conditions.
  2. Boat Covers: These protect boats from water, debris, and UV rays when docked or stored.
  3. Canvas Backpacks: Especially those used for hiking or outdoor activities where they might be exposed to rain.
  4. Canvas Shoes: Waterproofing helps them last longer and keeps feet dry.
  5. Caravan Awnings and Canopies: Often used outdoors, these need Dynaproof waterproofing to withstand rain and dew.
  6. Tarps: Used for covering and protecting equipment, vehicles, or woodpiles.
  7. Sails: For sailboats, waterproofing ensures sails remain effective and don’t get heavy with absorbed water.
  8. Hammocks: Those placed outdoors can benefit from waterproofing to prevent them from getting soaked in unexpected rain.
  9. Outdoor Canvas Furniture Covers: Waterproofing helps protect the furniture underneath from moisture and mould.
  10. Canvas Jackets: For those who wear them in unpredictable weather, waterproofing ensures they remain dry and comfortable.

Waterproofing these items (and most canvas products), with Dynaproof not only protects them from water but often also provides added protection against UV rays, mould, and mildew.